Dussehra Navarathri

AMMA is the primordial nature, the source of this entire cosmos. SHE is verily the mother of all three deities, goddesses; deemed the ‘MUGGURAMALA MOOLAPUTAMMA’.  She is revered verily as the incarnation of `TRISAKTHI ROOPINI’, `RAJARAJESWARI’. 

She is none else but the ANASUYA MATHA of Jillellamudi.  Dasara is celebrated to worship AMMA as the divine incarnation in all her aspects on the nine days continually.

To elaborate among HER varied godly aspects, Intelligence is deemed the Goddess Saraswathi; Material source as the Goddess Lakshmi; Energy as the Goddess Parvathi’. This is a very simple explanation of AMMA to help our understanding. AMMA held that all these divine aspects are manifest in the very same Goddess RAJARAJESWARI; each one containing the other; the devout need not look elsewhere.

29th Sept. 2019 :  Sunday  – SRI ANASUYA DEVI

One who rises above desires, hatred and anger. That is she is beyond the lowly desire, passion and the oft cited six human foibles and frailties (Arishadwargalu, Ragadwesha asuyalu) is ANASUYA.  SHE bestows salvation on one and all equally though after a varying time lag with little discrimination.

At the very same time AMMA showers love – motherly love equally on all.

`AM  AA’ is the sacred mantra ( BEEJAKSHARAS) of AMMA.  AMMA NAMAM is mahamantram, the giver of all.

30th Sept. 2019: Monday – BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI

SHE lords over the mind, psyche, ego and consciousness of the human being, with all these traits of human nature and conduct virtually under HER absolute control. Obviously the entire mankind and their conduct is under the sway and control of the divine form TRIPURASUNDARI DEVI.  She is also deemed the deity for SHODASHA VIDYA. SHE gives refuge to one and all; offers ABHAYAM and wears AKSHAMALA.  To appease the deity Sadhakas (Upasakulu) perform `BALARCHANA’ and get over `ARISHADVARGAS’.   Young girls in the age group of 2 to 10 are worshipped as the incarnation of Tripurasundari Devi.   TRISATHI PARAYANA is rendered during worship.

AMMA lost her mother at the tender age of 5.  Yet, AMMA did not wish that anyone shall miss motherly love.  SHE chose to manifest HERSELF as the MOTHER OF ALL, showering motherly love on one and all, this entire existence.  In this form, AMMA is none else but Bala Tripura Sundari Devi.

01st  Oct. 2019 : Tuesday:  SRI GAYATRI DEVI

GAYATRIMATHA is worshipped as the incarnation of VEDAS. GODDESS GAYATHRI is verily the form and the essence of all the Vedas. To worship this goddess the twenty four lettered ‘Gayathri Mantha’ said to have been sourced by the sage Viswamithra is chanted; `OM BHURBHU VASSU VAHA ….PRACHODAYATH’ – MANTRA WITH 24 alphabets is chanted to attain BRAHMA GNANA.  Lord Surya is worshipped during early hours of the morning as Gayatri, in the afternoon as Savitri, and in the evening as Saraswathi.

AMMA expounded GAYATHRI as the embodiment and fusion of all the five elements in this universe.  AMMA subdued the five elements by the power and purity of HER chastity. In deference to this aspect, we worship AMMA in the form and as manifestation of GAYATHRI during one of these nine day celebrations of DASARA. In the past, during AMMA’S physical form we performed GAYATHRI YAGAM with no distinctions of gender, caste and so on ushering in a sea change from the age old convention.

Thus in these celebrations we worship as GAYATHRI, as also VEDA MATHA.

2nd Oct. 2019: Wednesday – SRI ANNAPOORNA DEVI

AMMA is the very providence. SHE sustains all life and all the living species and the entire existence on this earth and in the universe.

Our Vedas chant `ANNAM PARABRAHMA SWARUPAM’.  Annam, food is the basis for all life with little choice or option.  `Sakshan Mokshakaree, Sada Subhakaree, Kaseepuradheeswaree, Bhikshandehi kripavalambanakaree, Matha Annapurneswari’ is the prayer offered meaning Goddess ANNAPOORNADEVI blesses us not merely with materialistic needs but also grants salvation through the medium of food.

AMMA established ANNAPOORNALAYAM in Jillellamudi as early as in August 1958 to serve food for one and all and quench their hunger equally with little distinction.  So far several millions of people had food in Annapoornalayam. AMMA derives utmost satisfaction in FEEDING HER CHILDREN. This food is the medium of AMMA’S boundless love and motherly care. It is not just food in the normal sense but MAHA PRASADAM of AMMA that bestows all auspices on those taking the food served here. Eventually this frees the being from the bonds of past karmas and grants liberation of the soul.

3rd Oct. 2019: Thursday – SRI LALITHA DEVI

Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari is Sri Vidya Swarupini.  SHE is armed with the sugar cane bow, with the floral arrows which draw every one to HER presence. Suvasinulu (Married ladies) pray HER for Mangalya Bhagyam chanting `Om Iam Hreem Sreem Sreematrenamaha’ offering vermilion powder (kumkum) for prolonged blissful married life.  The deity fulfils all the desires of the devotees.

AMMA was very tender (Lalitha) in physical form; soft spoken; ever bounteous, generous, gracious in taking care of Her children’s needs even without their asking.

In Jillellamudi Sri Lalitha Koti Nama Parayana is performed in connection with

Sri Hymavatheeswari Jayanthi every year, to beseech HER grace and auspices.

4th Oct. 2019 : Friday – SRI MAHALAKSHMI DEVI

This form is glorious, radiant with Lotus flowers in both hands. Abhaya varada hasta mudra (posture of protection), Gajaraja vahanam are characteristic of Sri Mahalakshmi Alamkaram.   For prosperity, the devotees worship chanting `Lakshmim ksheera samudra raja tanayam Sree ranga dhameswareem’. The ritualistic chant of ‘SRI SOOKTHAM’ with due formalities is also rendered in this worship. Sree Suktam is chanted – Fire, Air, Sun, Indra, Varuna are all but the sources of riches in their trace elements – ‘All prosperity is Sri Mahalakshmi Swarupam’ is Amma’s saying.

AMMA revised the popular saying `Dhanam Moolam Idam Jagat’ as `Tanu Moolam Idam Jagat’.  This revised dictum means the world is centered round the individual being as long as one lives, and not on the riches. Therefore the person does best to improve upon himself.

5th Oct. 2019: Saturday –  SRI SARASWATHI DEVI

The deity is seen holding a book and aksharamala in Padmasanam with Abhaya mudra.  Goddess Saraswathi is the Adhidevatha for education and fine arts.

She is addressed as Bharathi, Saraswathi, Sarada, Hamsavahana and so on. She grants brilliance of mind and eloquence in speech. SHE frees the person of nescience and ignorance, granting the essential wisdom of existence. SHE bestows keen mind, fine intellect and eloquence.

AMMA’S Message – `Enjoy what you have to your heart’s content; share with others whole heartedly.  Believe HIM verily as the ONE responsible for everything in life and all that happens around you.’ (Nee Kichindi Trupthiga Tini, Itarulaku Adaranga Pettuko.  Antha Daivam Chestunnadani Nammu).’

6th Oct. 2019: Sunday :  SRI DURGA DEVI

The deity destroyed a demon called DURGAMUDU freeing the world from the suffering caused by him. Hence this divine form is known as DURGA. This also means the invincible and indestructible. SHE overcomes all obstacles in life.

The sacred words `OM DURGAYAINAMAHA’ are chanted   on this occasion during this worship, for the well being of the person and also to beget all auspices in life.

7th Oct. 2019: Monday Morning : SRI MAHISHASURAMARDHINI DEVI

The deity destroyed demon MAHISHASURA.  This establishes DHARMA over ADHARMA. Worship of the deity helps to win over enemies and tide over difficult situations. CHANDI HOMAM is also performed on this day for the welfare of all and to bring harmony restraining evil forces. Convention decrees that worshipping this divine form is tantamount to worshipping all the gods and goddesses, granting such benefits, bringing victory over the enemies and all evil negative forces.

AMMA believes in Dushtatva Samharam, not killing the evil one, as the Benevolent MOTHER OF ALL – thereby transforming the evil minded than destroying them. Punishment too is a gentle motherly correction. (Siksha Kooda Sikshane – Amma)

7th Oct. 2019: Monday Evening – SRI RAJARAJESWARI DEVI

Goddess RAJARAJESWARI is considered the supreme reigning over the entire divine realm and all the gods and goddesses.  SHE is the ONE lording over this universe, the cosmos, and the entire creation.

SHE is also the presiding deity (Adhishthana Devatha) for Sree Chakram.  Prayers are offered chanting `Chidrupe Paradevatha Bhagavathi Sri Rajarajeswari’ during Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana and worship of Sri Chakaram with kumkum.  The deity grants Ichasakthi, Jnanasakthi and Kriya sakthi to the devotees. These are but the powers of the will, the wisdom and the action which sway this entire universe always and at all times with little exception.

It is worthy to note that Sri Poornananda Swamy of Srisailam perceived AMMA as the GODDESS RAJRAJESWARI and revered HER accordingly. AMMA is the prime force, primordial energy, the very source and the entire cause of this universe. Yet even beyond our remote vision and direct perception for most and many of the lesser mortals.

Let us pray AMMA during these NAVARATHRI CELEBRATIONS of the Dasara Festival and be blessed.