Amma, to ensure that the interested and under privileged children of the Society learn and subsequently propagate the Sanskrit language, which in itself is the mother of all languages, had decided to start Matrusri Oriental College under the aegis of Matrusri Vidya Parishat.

And, on 6th August 1971, she inaugurated the first class of the college with just 3 lecturers and 25 children. With her blessings and continued guidance, today, the Parishat runs a School under the name of Matrusri Sanskrit Patasala and a College in the name of Matrusri Oriental College. It has 12 lecturers, 7 non teaching staff and around 200 students.

The Campus is located in a healthy and pleasant environment amidst lush green paddy fields and overlooking the Omkara river flowing abetting the landscape of Jillellamudi. The serene atmosphere and sheer magic of Nature at its best enables the students to learn the Languages and Sciences by being close to the nature. The School and College follow the Co-education model.

The school – Matrusri Sanskrit Patasala – is from 8th Class to 10th Class and imparts education in the Oriental languages alongwith the latest Science subjects to make the student fit to face the competition in the outside world while learning the oriental languages. The students are equipped with the Sciences along with the roots of the languages to better appreciate the linkage between the old school of thought and the scientific relationship with the thoughts. And, under Matrusri Oriental College, education is imparted from Pre Degree Course(PDC) in Sansrit, Telugu and English to Degree in Telugu and/or Sanskrit. The students, on their completion of graduation in Telugu or Sansrit proceed to do B.Ed., or Post Graduation to make a career as a Teacher/Lecturer in any of the colleges or schools.

The students come from various walks of life and from far off places. The Parishat takes care of them by providing hostel facilities and ensures their comfortable and safe stay under the supervision of the Wardens kept separately for the Girls and Boys. The Parishat also has a library with a vast collection of books on Literature with special attention to the oriental language works like అమరకోశం(Amarakosam), ధ్వణ్యాలోకం(Dhwanyalokam) రస గంగాధరం(Rasa Gangadharam) and The Ramayana and Epic Mahabharatha to name a few. The University Grants Commission(UGC) supplies books regularly to the college to enhance the wealth of information available to the students.

And, to ensure that the students in oriental languages are not out of time, the Parishat also runs a full fledged Computer Lab which equips the students with the basics of the Computer to make them a Complete Skilled Man ready to use the faculties learnt in the college in the tech savy world outside the campus.