The main objective of MMC is to cater to the medical needs of sisters and brothers in and around Jillellamudi. Whenever a Mother talks with her child who is away from her – the first thing she enquires is whether he/she had her food. Next, invariably she enquires about his/her health and well being. This is the normal experience of every one.

The Divine Mother at Jillellamudi also attaches equal importance to the above aspects. When one comes to HER presence, SHE insisted on feeding them first. The person’s welfare and well being in respect of the whole being is always HER ceaseless concern. As part of an integrated approach, AMMA thought of providing free medical care to the children.

To address this objective, AMMA expressed desire to create a medical Centre at Jillellamudi to serve the residents and sick persons in the surrounding villages. The Matrusri Medical Center thus came into existence in the year 1978.

The main objective of MMC is to cater to the medical needs of sisters and brothers in and around Jillellamudi. Initially a committee consisting of the doctor devotees among AMMA’S children, and a few others interested in offering medical aid, was formed. The initial members being, Dr. S. V. Subba Rao, Dr. A. Inaja Kumari (AMMA’S personal physician), Dr. A. Kesava Rao, Dr. M. Jaswant Kumar, Mr. Richard Schiffman, Mr. Harry Kaminsky, Mr. James Campion and a few others. James, a devoted child of AMMA, from United Kingdom settled at Jillellamudi made pioneering efforts in establishing Matrusri Medical Centre initially with a few beds. This formed the base hospital at Jillellamudi and served the needs of the residents of the ‘House of All’, students, faculty of the Matrusri Oriental College, villagers of Jillellamudi, and also the neighboring villages on a modest scale.

Dr. A. Inaja Kumari, who is dedicated, devoted and committed to AMMA, functioned as the resident doctor, with the
other devotee doctors visiting and offering their services. Mr. Richard Schiffman provided the funding support to meet the recurring expenses for several years, and Mr. Harry Kaminsky, popularly known as Bheem, at Jillellamudi gave the administrative support, himself being a qualified management professional. Mr. Terry is another Briton who used to serve the Medical Center dispensing the medicines. Later on, a small clinical laboratory for conducting diagnostic tests was started. As time advanced, with these small facilities, several medical camps are being conducted at Jillellamudi and in the surrounding villages for diagnosis and treatment of various chronic diseases. Cancer detection was also taken up in these camps to offer preventive care to such patients. Highly qualified specialist doctors from reputed Institutions are rendering voluntary service in these camps.

Organizing these camps and the running of the Medical Center are supported by generous donations from willing members among the public, as also the devotee children of AMMA.

Presently, a doctor visits the hospital about 2 hours a day Monday to Saturday. An experienced lady doctor also visits the hospitals a couple of hours on every Sunday. After a few years, MMC again restarted conducting Medical Camps in the neighboring and remote villages where there are no medical facilities. It also offers limited financial assistance in deserving cases for medical expenses. MMC offers free ambulance services to the patients in and around Jillellamudi.

Our future plans include increasing the frequency and intensity of the medical camps, so as to reach the needy in more locations. Also, developing a multi specialty hospital at Bapatla is another need. With the grace of AMMA, we are confident that this will materialize in near future. Quite a few of AMMA’S devotee children are also keenly interested in this project.