Sri Hyma Girls Hostel construction is going at full swing with HER blessings. The foundation related works commenced on 7th July 2019 by digging the ground by 4 feet to prepare the basement and foundation. And since then, AMMA ensured nature cooperates for the construction by timing the rains to the nights so that the day time works are not hampered.

The slabs for 2 floors were already laid and the 3rd floor  slab is scheduled during the 4th week of January 2020. With this, the laying of slabs would be complete for the building. Then the brick work would commence from ground floor onwards – floor after floor.

SVJP is accelerating the works to ensure the building is completely furnished and ready for the Girl students to occupy and enjoy the facilities from the next academic year which commences from mid of June 2020. The walls are proposed to be constructed with a special material being recommended by the Government of India. The the finishing work and furnishing the rooms would commence.

The cost estimates are being met effectively and SVJP is planning second round of donation mobilization to meet the expenditure which is going to be huge in view of the finishing and furnishing works.