AMMA named her house at Jillellamudi as “Andarillu” (House of All). Sri Viswajanani Parishat (SVJP) is an organization set up by AMMA to actualize the message of love and care to all living beings and by addressing all the needs of children just as a mother does. In this site, you will get to know about AMMA and various activities of SVJP.

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To provide a platform for brothers and sisters to experience the bliss of AMMA.


To sustain Home for All which was created by AMMA.


  • Treat every person as how we treat our own brothers/sisters as we are all Amma’s children
  • Respect every person’s believes, sentiments, abilities and feelings
  • Fulfill the needs (which could arise at various levels – Anna-Maya, Prana-Maya, Mano-Maya, Vijñana-Maya, Ananda-Maya) of brothers & sisters

SVJP achieves its vision through various social and spiritual activities carried through different sub- organizations.

Service Organizations

AMMA is the eternal embodiment of Love for her children viz., humans and other living creatures. Her thoughts always revolve around the living beings, be it humans or animals or insects… any living creature is of utmost importance to HER.

HER usual greeting to any devotee visiting HER is has been – Have you had Food. And once the devotee has the lunch, SHE would bless him/her with clothes. She would ask them to stray for few more days with lot of affection and love.

In essence, SHE gives Food, Clothes and Shelter to all her devotees/visitors.

SHE had always insisted that Food be given to every devotee/visitor and especially to those who are affected by poverty and/or natural calamities. SHE would mandate the Food and Clothes be distributed to all without any restrictions/controls.

Annapurnalayam (Food)

AMMA termed Annapurnalayam as her Heart and wished that the Bell that rings to invite devotees for taking the meals never stops. And when it is HER wish, how can that stop. The bell is ringing twice a day and every day from 15th August 1958 when AMMA inaugurated the Kitchen in Jillellamudi.

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Adaranalayam (Shelter)

Amma was very compassionate towards the ailing and the infirm. She served personally several bed-ridden patients and old persons with extreme care and unbounded love right from her childhood. With Amma’s loving ministrations, many destitute and forlorn persons neglected and outcast by the society have received new lease of life.

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Matrusri Medical Centre (Health)

The main objective of MMC is to cater to the medical needs of sisters and brothers in and around Jillellamudi. Whenever a Mother talks with her child who is away from her – the first thing she enquires is whether he/she had her food. Next, invariably she enquires about his/her health and well being. This is the normal experience of every one.

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Matrusri Vidya Parishat (Education)

Amma, to ensure that the interested and under privileged children of the Society learn and subsequently propagate the Sanskrit language, which in itself is the mother of all languages, had decided to start Matrusri Oriental College under the aegis of Matrusri Vidya Parishat.

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Matrusri Veda Smartha Patashala

The SVJP in continuation of its objective of preserving the culture of Indian Society and traditions had established Veda Pathasala in the year 2013. The VEDAS written by Saints of ancient days have been flowing like an under current in the hindu society of India...

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Matrusri Gosala

Devotees of AMMA have expressed their desire to donate sacred cow to AMMA. SVJP examined the request and decided that it would augur well to establish GOSALA. The foundation laying ceremony was done on 09th March 2015 at the identified place. A thatched shelter was...

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Our Network

Jillellamudi AMMA Seva Samithi – Hyderabad

A notable service activity that is being carried out with zeal, dedication and enthusiasm by the JASS team, led by Sri Vajjha Prasad Rao is organizing ‘Premarchana’ programme which involves feeding the disabled, destitute children, visually challenged, aged and infirm. Also, a programme worthy of commendation is, providing woollen blankets to poor people sleeping in the open during nights of winter months on the pavements at different places in the city of Hyderabad, the team going round during midnight looking out for such people.

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