It was during the ‘70s that AMMA shifted her residence to the top floor of ‘HOUSE OF ALL’. This floor had two simple, modest rooms consisting of a small darshan hall and one bed room. Kitchen and other conveniences were provided on the same floor. This kitchen had a small window, through which at times, AMMA waved HER hand, in the form of loving adieu to the visitors departing from Jillellamudi. Visitors too, either walking or moving away in a vehicle watches AMMA’s radiant countenance till they pass out of sight.

On the roof of this floor, which is the highest point of the building, there was a bright Mercury lamp, the glow of which was like a beacon light to the visitors even from a long distance. This was visible even from the outskirts of Bapatla, for visitors heading for Jillellamudi.

One of these two rooms was fitted with A.C. unit and the adjacent room was used for formal Darshan. Abutting these two rooms was a wide corridor or lobby into which both these rooms had entry. Formal visits and darshan were scheduled in this wide corridor. Some minor functions and celebrations were arranged here on some days. Birth day functions, anniversaries, ceremonies, and other family functions took place in these living quarters of AMMA.

There were wide open terraces with parapet walls on the Southern and Northern sides of Amma’s residence. Amma used to stroll during evenings on these terraces with pleasant cool breeze flowing, and give Darshan to the devotee children who gather around. On most of the formal and informal occasions, Amma used to give Darshan sitting on a cot. At times, She even used to squat on floor – play with the devotee children, chide them, feed them. People never had the count of time in Her presence. Every inch of this space was sanctified by Amma’s repeated touch and it remains so for all future ages.

The Southern side of terrace is no more an open space now. A meditation hall, called ‘Dhyana Mandiram’ was constructed during late ‘80s in which AMMA’s marble image was installed. Devotees gather here for prayers and meditation.

AMMA’s care, attention and love were always available for every one equally and evenly. Precisely because of this factual experience, and known reason, this top floor of the ‘House of All’ is termed ‘Vatsalyalayam’ in vernacular Telugu, which in English means the abode of affection. Truly this is a ‘TEMPLE OF ETERNAL LOVE’. Now life size icon, photograph adorn Vatsalyalayam. Visitors pray and offer their obeisance here.

These premises are revered and deemed the holiest of holy, by all devotee children of AMMA. Ordinarily from here, during AMMA’s physical span, HER ministry continued and divine dispensation dealt with.

For all those who lived and moved with AMMA, these interiors and surroundings bring many fond reminiscences of AMMA, that are closely intertwined with personal lives too.