There were wide open terraces with parapet walls on the Southern and Northern sides of Amma’s residence. Amma used to stroll during evenings on these terraces with pleasant cool breeze flowing, and give Darshan to the devotee children who gather around. On most of the formal and informal occasions, Amma used to give Darshan sitting on a cot. At times, She even used to squat on floor – play with the devotee children, chide them, feed them. People never had the count of time in Her presence. Every inch of this space was sanctified by Amma’s repeated touch and it remains so for all future ages.

The Southern side of terrace is no more an open space now. A meditation hall, called ‘Dhyana Mandiram’ was constructed during late ‘80s in which AMMA’s marble image was installed. Devotees gather here for prayers and meditation.