Devotees visiting AMMA have been increasing by the day. There were various class of devotees visitng – Infants to Senior Citizens, Students to Retirees, Professionals etc.,

While the working class devotees visited at their leisure and got back to work, the retired and elderly people wanted to stay longer or permanently in Jillellamudi at HER feet in peace and happiness. They wanted to live in peaceful atmosphere blessed with the presence of AMMA in Jillellamudi for longer duration.

Andarillu is already full with inmates, devotees and employees and there was not much space for the elderly to stay comfortably.  AMMA felt that the elderly should be taken proper care and looked after with love and affection. She laid foundation for Adaranalayam(House of Empathy and Love) on 19th November 1976, Friday.

Adaranalayam means Abode of Empathy. AMMA had given clear mandate that the Adaranalayam should have proper facilities and inmates should be taken complete and proper care with regard to their every need. The food was ordered to be in such a way to suit the individual needs even if it requires additional effort and cost. She directed Dr Achanta Kesava Rao to ensure the implementation of the direcctions in letter and spirit.

Adaranalayam had been developed with enthusiasm and love and today it is a reality. The inmates will be seeing AMMA from the front side of their place and the lush green fields behind give them fresh and healthy air.

The ambience, atmosphere and surroundings are very apt for the inmates who wanted to have a peaceful and comfortable retired life in HER presence and ever after.   …