At Mannava village, an illiterate rustic Papaiah who was a devotee of the village deity Potharaju was blessed with visions of his Lord when he came across Amma. One day in early hours, Papaiah sees Amma sitting in a field adjoining the village, her lap full of creatures ranging from snakes, mongooses to frogs. Several kinds of insects like grasshoppers, winged white ants and ants crawl all over her body. While he was still aghast, he sees many kinds of birds, including parrots, doves, and owls flying low around Amma’s head in reverent perambulation. To a bewildered Papaiah Amma confirms that all these creatures are his kin.When Amma steps down into the village tank, he observes the water-lily flowers, leaves and twines moving cheerfully as if welcoming Amma. Even the water in the pond makes a strange sound and Papaiah a simple and sincere soul believes that Amma is one with all in the Nature. Some years later, Amma’s step mother Kameswaramma also observes the trees, plants and the Nature around mystically communing with Amma.

Nursing Rahi

Nursing Rahi back to health who would have faced death lying uncared for, on the street in Bapatla, who with the new lease of life, became a dear child of Amma.