Vision to the Blind

Sri K.R. and his brother K.V. were both blind by birth, but both were proficient in music. Searching for God, they came to Jillellamudi. When Radha and his brother first came to Jillellamudi, they were skeptic. They heard of Amma’s compassionate patience and tested her in crude ways, even beating her on the thigh with their fists on the pretext of following the rhythm (Taala). Amma tolerated their tantrums and won over their hearts. When Radha came to visit Amma for the second time, he was blessed with the visions of various Gods and Goddesses. He heard primordial sounds from the sacred feet of Amma. Even in this visit, Radha put Amma’s immense patience to test by delivering blows with his fists on the tender body of Amma for five hours, all the while singing kirtans. Amma remained calm all through and at the end of the unusual session applied medicinal oil to Radha’s hands tenderly calling him near and asking him whether his hands were paining! Amma’s overwhelming motherly affection made Radha to surrender at her feet. After testing Amma thus and convinced that Amma is none other than the Almighty in human form, he made Jillellamudi his abode to sing the glories of Amma.

Radha who was born blind was blessed with normal vision for a few months after receiving the darshan of Amma. When Amma asked Radha whether he would like to have eyesight, Radha replied, “King Dhritarashtra was given vision by Lord Krishna only for a few moments and I was bestowed with sight for months. I do not need it any more.”

During 1978-79, one night Radha was doing namam (bhajan). That night, his brother did not join him for bhajan. At mid night, a dog came, placed its head in Radha’s lap and began to sing in a human voice. From Raga Bhairavi he changed to Amritavarshini. Then followed him through all changes of raagas. Amma asked a devotee to go and check who were singing.