On 5th May 1936, Amma’s wedding took place at Bapatla with Brahmandam Nageswara Rao who became later the village officer of Jillellamudi. When one of the few people who recognized her perfection and divinity asked her why she needs to get married, she told him that it was only to show that marriage need not be feared as an obstacle to one’s spiritual progress. It is also to set an example of an ideal housewife by practice that she has married – to be able to look upon one’s life partner as the embodiment of the Lord and thereby realize the ultimate reality – without having to suppress any of the material aspects of personal life. Just as a woman should worship her husband as God’s manifestation, he should endeavor to see God in his wife. Amma says “”God alone is the “Purusha” or Lord and that all Creation is “Prakriti” or his consort.”

At Jillellamudi as a young housewife, Amma seems to have hidden her spiritual grandeur. Instead, she looked after the needs of her family which came to include another son and a daughter. In addition to performing her household duties, Amma devised and organized a grain bank to help the poor and needy. Amma was often persecuted and harassed by the ignorant and jealous villagers who probably resented the only high-caste brahmin family in the village. A villager by name Subbaiah joined the house as a servant with sinister designs but was transformed. Another farm hand Mantrayi could see the form of Amma clearly wherever he might be.

The transformation of these individuals marked a change in the attitude of the other inhabitants of the village.