When Anasuya was completing her second year, she once sat under a pomegranate tree in “padmasana” (Lotus Posture) and attained a transcendental state of meditation, with her eyes half closed. Every one mistook it as a fit of epilepsy and not noticing the ‘Yogasana’ she had assumed. She returned to her normal consciousness in an hour. On yet another occasion, she was seen sitting in a strange posture with her breath suspended and the eyes turned completely inside. When someone asked her later as to what she was doing, she replied she was in ‘Shambhavi Mudra’. Everyone was astounded at these words and deeds from a two year old.

As a little girl, she never asked for food just as she never cried for milk as an infant. She accepted food if it was given, only to give to somebody else who was in need of it. She was treated by several doctors to no avail. In later life, Amma would frequently go for long periods without eating, even giving up all liquids normally considered essential for survival. It is a curious paradox of Amma’s life that one who is indifferent to eating herself , spends enormous time and energy in feeding others. Amma once cited in all concern “You grow weak if you don’t eat, but I grow weak if I don’t feed”.

Since childhood, Amma always wanted to feed others and a number of ‘miracles’ such as proliferation of food to adequacy were associated with such remarkable stance. Some elders of the house used to deprecate her for giving food to the destitute and stray animals, feeding them with her own hands.

Mother never discriminated based on caste whatsoever proclaiming “My caste is that of the sperm and the ovum”. When young Amma once ran and rescued a child belonging to the scavenging community lifting up and holding the child in her arms, the elders rebuked her. Amma declared ” To me when the very character does not matter, does caste make any difference? “

After Rangamma’s death, little Amma was given almost unlimited freedom. She was kept in several towns like Bapatla, Guntur for different periods of stay with different relatives. She imparted experiences of various sorts to those she met in accordance with their diverse nature and spiritual tendency. She discarded no one. Even hard core criminals were won over by her transparent purity and a number of people completely transformed by their contact with Amma.