Sri Brahmandam Nageswararao garu (Nanna Garu) was born on Wednesday, as per Telugu Calendar. , 04:30 AM at Mannava village in Guntur District. *Eldest son of Amma’s aunt (Menatha) Kanakamma (Bamma Garu). He was married to AMMA (aged 13 years) on 05th May 1936 in Bapatla at the residence of Chandramouli Chidambara Rao Garu (CHIDAMBARAM TATAGARU).

After marriage Nannagaru lived in Bapatla and settled down at Jillellamudi in April 1940 Annapoornalayam was established on 15 August 1958 by Amma, on request of Her devotee children when inflow of devotees was souring and becoming burdensome to Nannagaru Nannagaru was the Karanam of Jillellamudi village Nannagaru’s conduct and character calls for emulation.

‘Don’t Preach; but Practice’ was his policy. He firmly believed Children will follow elders and hence observed Do’s and Don’ts in Annapoornalayam dining hall. He used to get ready with his plate and glass as soon as the second bell was given and take them back after food; did not allow others to carry his plate or glass. He had lot of concern for students of Oriental College living away from their parents and advised people to treat them as own children; not to be harsh even if some were mischeavous but counsel them gently. Nannagaru was very obedient and never misused when senior officials, though younger to him, visited Jillellamudi and had Amma’s darshan like other devotees. Simple living, Spirit of tolerance, Kind, Dignified, had concern for the poor, moved with one and all, straight forward, valued friendship, very active with remarkable memory were some of his qualities. Was an admirer of Congress and Gandhiji. Liked Sports, Poetry, Theatre and Music. He had political consciousness but did not have the crookedness of a politician.

Nannagaru considered Jillellamudi as sacred as Kasi, Rameswaram, Mecca and Bethelham Liked Nama Sankeerthana and in particular rendering by Radha annayya (Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy) – a blind devotee trained in Karnatak music – considered as `Nada Yogi’. Once Nannagaru expressed his desire (with a devotee) that he would like to become `Swamulavaru’ 16 February 1981 (Roudri vatsaram) at 3 am Nannagaru shed the body. He was 68 years old. He was healthy and worked in the paddy field even the day before. Amma chose unfinished Temple commenced in 1956 to lay the body of Nannagaru. On 17 February 1981 at 3 pm Amma entered the Garbhalayam along with the body and completed consecration by 3.40 pm. It was a matter of coincidence when Nannagaru emerged as ANASUYESWARA in the temple, the star was Aslesha (Amma’s birth star) and Amma named the temple as ANASUYESWARALAYAM. Nannagaru wanted to leave the world before Amma left and She agreed. On 28 February 1981 in the meeting held at Jillellamudi, Sri Sri Sri Lakshmana Yateendrulu declared: AMMA and NANNAGARU as ideal couple who emerged to teach the world DAMPATYA DHARMAM. They represented true Ardhanareeswara Tatvam.