Nama Samkeerthanalayam

Nama Samkeerthanalayam

AMMA had instructed that Namam – “Jayaho Matha Sree Anasuya Raja Rajeswari Sree Parathpari” – is to be recited 24 hours and every day of the year. SHE named it Akhanda Namam. The NAMAM is being recited since then without a break.

The NAMAM is recited from 04:00 A.M in the morning to 10:00 P.M at night. Various devotees and residents of ANDARILLU participate in the Nama Samkeerthana. Every month, on the Purnima day, EKAHAM of AMMA NAMAM, i.e., recital of Namam for 24 hours without a break is performed. The devotee inmates/villagers form into groups of 5/6 members and divide time slots amongst them and ensure 24 hour non stop recital. Some of the devotees learnt how to play Harmonium and add melody to the recital of Namam.

Similarly, Saptha Sapthaham of NAMAM, i.e., recital of Namam non-stop for 49 days (7 weeks) is performed prior to HYMAVATHI DEVI JAYANTHI Celebrations during November. It is commenced in such a way that the 49th day falls on the birthday of HYMAVATHI DEVI.

It is said that AMMA advised all the devotees to partake in Nama Samkeerthana which is like offering Prasadam to HER.

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