When we enter the sanctum we behold the white marble idol of HYMA, conveying the pristine purity of HYMA. True story of HYMA and HYMALAYAM are to be known here.

HYMA’s life was a saga of mystery. Even though she was the only daughter of the Divine Mother, her life was never a bed of roses or wrapped in comforts. Ill health was her constant companion. She suffered from frequent spasms of headache, fever and painful sores in the mouth.

Physically she was slight of build and delicately frail in form. She stepped daintily, her foot falls touching ever so gently the mother earth. HYMA is truly unearthly and divine in many respects.

HYMA’s short life of 25 years was spent only in caring for others rather than herself. Her whole mental occupation was thinking about AMMA. HYMA was the personification of kindness, having attained the pinnacle of devotion. If the qualities of selfless service, compassion, Grace and Bliss enable humans to evolve into the Divine, HYMA was made just for that.

By nature and temperament she was very tender and sensitive to the surrounding suffering. The amazing fact was that, in spite of her own unbearable suffering she never complained, neither did she ever pray to AMMA for relief. On the contrary, if anybody around her had the smallest pain or suffering, she used to run to Mother, praying for their relief. A small incident explains the magnitude of her immense compassion and love towards fellow beings and Nature. One day, out of a bird’s nest, a few eggs had fallen on the ground, and HYMA happened to pass that way. The damage caused to the would-be offspring of the bird upset HYMA so much that she was melancholic and could not take her food that day!

As she grew into full womanhood, AMMA was urged to find a suitable match for HYMA and settle her marriage. But the Divine Mother had other plans for her. The very creation of HYMA was for the benefit of humanity. AMMA used to dodge the proposal saying that she would consider HYMA’s marriage only after her 25th year.

It was at this age that HYMA suffered from an ailment while in Aurangabad in February 1968, which was later diagnosed as smallpox. On her return to Jillellamudi on the 28th March 1968, she was put on medication, and responded very well, appearing to have recovered. But AMMA knew the lurking seriousness of the disease deep inside. It resurfaced on 1st of April and, by the 5th, took a nasty turn. She was rushed to the Government General Hospital in Guntur even against AMMA’s advice. She breathed her last in the evening on her hospital bed, and was immediately brought back to Jillellamudi, to the shock and unabated grief of everyone there.

Along with others, like any human mother AMMA too grieved over the loss of HYMA, but gave it an unimaginable, mystic, divine turn from this very moment.

HYMA was entombed in the evening of the 6th April 1968 in a pit 30 feet away from the entrance to AMMA’s hut. AMMA personally oversaw the whole process, making her body sit in the yogic posture siddhasana. Sitting on the edge of the pit, AMMA put her foot on the crown of HYMA’s head as a culmination to the process. At the very touch of AMMA’s foot, blood oozed out of HYMA’s head like a fountain. She had shown to everybody’s amazement that HYMA’s body was warm, with her chest heaving, suggesting that she was breathing. AMMA then declared that the temple to be built on the spot where HYMA was consecrated would be a great spiritual centre and the ultimate destination of many a spiritual seeker. This temple is now called HYMALAYAM.

After leaving the physical plane, HYMA’s kindness and compassion to humanity has been found to be more pronounced and profound. It is the experience of many devotees that the prayers sought from her are instantly answered.

This temple fulfils the mundane and spiritual needs being the fount of wisdom (Jnana) and detachment (Vairagya). In fulfillment of HYMA’s last wish of hearing AMMA’s namam continuously AMMA arranged Akhanda Namam (continuous reciting of AMMA namam) close by Hymalayam.

Though temples of consecrated saints and god men in different faiths are extant, HYMALAYAM is unique and stands apart. Reason being AMMA openly demonstrated to all those present on this occasion that SHE has given vent to the cosmic energy that flows into HYMA’S form which became warm at the moment of consecration.

HYMA is ‘Bhaktha Sulabha’ (easily accessible to the earnest devotees). Many are the instances where their desires are fulfilled. With persistent attempt and consistent desire, it is not difficult to have HYMA’s darshan physically and attain Her Grace.

Hyma, Amma’s sole daughter like Shankara, Vivekananda or Saint Therese of Lisieux, was to break her earthly bond in her very youth. Hyma always regarded Amma not as a mother in the ordinary sense, but always as an object of devotion, in incarnation of the Highest.On several occasions, in one form or the other, Amma hinted that Hyma would be ‘Reality Itself.’

Born in 1944, she had been a very sickly child, suffering from chronic head aches. Amma predicted that Hyma would be merged in the Absolute. ( One sees here the inexplicable ways of destiny: Amma would save other womens’ children from disease and death, but not her own child.) Hyma indeed passed away, on April 5, 1968. Amma, in the spirit of the Zen master who ” sleeps when tired, eats when hungry, laughs when happy and cries when sad,” did not supress the tears of sorrow that came upon her daughter’s passing. But soon Amma returned to her usual equanimous state and performed an act of spiritually energizing Hyma’s lifeless body as a sacred form – a sacred process known as ‘ prana prthishtha.’

After this ceremony, the consecrated body was buried, and a shrine ‘Hymalayam’ was erected and a life- size statue installed.

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