It is difficult to find in India a village without at least a Rama Mandir, if not a temple , but Amma chose one such village(Jillellamudi) for the major portion of her sojourn on this planet.

Amma laid the foundation stone for the present Anansuyeswaralayam in the mid fifties, though its completion took place nearly 30 years later. This is probably the only temple in the known history that the presiding deity had at every stage of construction of the temple sanctified every stone that went into the construction of the temple by Her sacred touch. On certain special occasions like the marriage day (observed on May 5th every year), Amma used to receive puja in the sanctum sanctorum. Till the top portion (sikharam) was constructed during 1985, it was not known to many that Amma would make this temple her abode after leaving her mortal coil in June that year.

The foundation stone for the temple was laid by Amma on May 5, 1958 coinciding with the Kalyanotsavam (wedding Anniversay of Amma). Ever since, every year some event or other relating to the temple was held on 5 th May, with Amma personally participating in it. No body at that time had an inkling of the presiding deity of the temple. It was only during the later years that people were allowed to have a scent of the kind of idol to be installed and had the confirmation when she made suggestions about the type of stone to be used for carving the statue. The temple was completed in time for the consecration of the elemental remains of Nannagaru on 17 th February 1981 under direct supervision and involvement of Amma.

Amma’s husband Nageswara Rao fondly called as ‘Nanna garu’ was forced to let go of his attachments to strict Hindu standards of “proper” behavior for his unconventional wife. Eventually he completely dropped his attachment to her as “my wife” and instead saw her as a divine being. Amma always revered him actually performing’ pada-puja’ (worship of the “lotus feet”) to him, which her devotees construed as a case of “the Divine worshipping man.”

When ‘Nannagaru’ left the body,during 1981, Amma kept her hand on his chest and remained in the posture for nearly a whole day,obviously divinising the body and annihilating the ‘vasanas’. The body of Nannagaru was thus consecrated and interred in the temple on 17th February 1981 and Amma christened the temple as ‘Anasuyeswaralayam’.

After the mahasamadhi of Amma, the mortal coil was interred in an adjacent chamber on 14 th June 1985. On 5 th May, 1987 a captivating and graceful idol in black granite stone was installed. It is the experience of many devotees that Amma in the statue directly talks with them. A fortunate few even observed the statue breathing for quite some time on a holy sivaratri day.

If Annapurnalayam is the heart of Amma, Sri Anasuyeswaralayam is the heart to her countless children from where Mother of All chose to look after her countless children and nay Her Creation waiting unendingly to grant the sought after Sugathi ( Liberation or Atmasakshatkara ) to all the seekers. Amma continues to bless one and all from the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Anasuyeswaralayam.

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