Veda Pathasala

Veda Pathasala

The SVJP in continuation of its objective of preserving the culture of Indian Society and traditions had established Veda Pathasala in the year 2013.

The VEDAS written by Saints of ancient days have been flowing like an under current in the hindu society of India since then. The importance and relevance of Vedas is much more in these modern days where Culture, Values and ethics are at its low ebb.

The Vedas are to be learnt, remembered and recited more and preached to a wider section of the society to keep the great Indian Society culture, values and Bonding strengthened and reinforced in the new generation children.

Matrusri Veda Pathasala is started in Jillellamudi in the year 2013. The Pathasala is presently teaching only in Vedas. It is proposed to start Smartham from the next vedic academic session. The Smartham enables the students to serve the needs of the society in performing various functions, rituals in the daily routine as per the traditions of the Hindu society. The Smartham is being commenced to ensure properly educated and qualified are available in the Society to meet the growing needs of the public in conduct of the rituals and functions.

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