AMMA moved to Jillellamudi after her marriage to Shri Brahmandam Nageswara Rao garu, the then village Karanam of Jillellamudi in the year 1936.

AMMA used to ask the devotees visiting her to stay back and take food whenever they came to see her. And, she herself used to cook food in the initial days when few were visiting her. As the days passed by, the number of devotees visiting Jillellamudi increased. During the 1940s and 1950s, the transport and communication was very less to this remote village. AMMA with all her affection would want all her children to stay with her as long as possible and she would feed them happily and ever. This prompted the necessity to have a proper facility to accommodate the visiting devotees who stayed overnight.

Thus formed – ANDARILLU(Home for ALL) – in the year 1963 when a big building was built and AMMA named it as ANDARILLU. AMMA happily declared during the inauguration of the building that this is Andari Illu – meaning it is the Home for ALL without any discretion on caste, creed or religion. She further promulgated that the Home for ALL will give shelter not only to humans but also to all other living creatures. And, as you can see in ANDARILLU, you will find all living things par taking in the daily routine of the Home.

From then on, the ANDARILLU had been giving shelter to numerous devotees visiting Jillellamudi, inmates and staff. Like a true HOME, ANDARILLU is full of activity, happiness, cohesiveness and love and affection towards the fellow inmates who came from length and breadth of the World. There were no barriers in the Home and it was a single family where the members address each other as Brother or Sister and the affection pours from the heart of every body to every other person of the ANDARILLU.

All functions/festivals and events are celebrated by ALL jointly and with lot of enthusiasm. All members participate in each activity, viz., Marriage of a child of the devotee or a Deepavali or AMMA’s birthday with the same involvement as they would participate for their own family function or event. The house is decorated with traditional flower linings, decorative bulbs etc., There is a dias at the centre of the hall where AMMA used to perform the marriages or organize various festivities etc., The tradition continues now with AMMA being in the backdrop graciously looking out of a beautiful life size picture. The namam comes out of the photo with all its melody spreading confidence, satisfaction and happiness to all those who are present in ANDARILLU.

The huge hall of the ANDARILLU is the venue for various Pujas and food distribution daily. AMMA used to stroll down the hall in the lines of devotees seated for having the prasadam. During Sankranthi, AMMA used to shower her blessings by pouring a mixture of Jujebi fruit (Regu Pandlu) flowers and small coins which is the traditional way of celebrating Bhogi Pandlu, a part of Sankranthi Festivities.

AMMA termed Annapurnalayam as her Heart and wished that the Bell that rings to invite devotees for taking the meals never stops. And when it is HER wish, how can that stop. The bell is ringing twice a day and every day from 15th August 1958 when AMMA inaugurated the Kitchen in Jillellamudi. Read more …

Devotees visiting AMMA have been increasing by the day. There were various class of devotees visitng – Infants to Senior Citizens, Students to Retirees, Professionals etc., while the working class devotees visited at their leisure and got back to work, the retired and elderly people. Read more …

It was during the ‘70s that AMMA shifted her residence to the top floor of ‘HOUSE OF ALL’. This floor had two simple, modest rooms consisting of a small darshan hall and one bed room. Kitchen and other conveniences were provided on the same floor. Read more …

There were wide open terraces with parapet walls on the Southern and Northern sides of Amma’s residence. Amma used to stroll during evenings on these terraces with pleasant cool breeze flowing, and give Darshan to the devotee children who gather around. Read more …

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