Who is AMMA?


AMMA means the MOTHER in Telugu. MOTHER means the beginning.  Mother is the source of ALL. She is also the cause of all. AMMA is named Anasuya Devi by her parents in the normal course. Devotees call her as AMMA. Popularly known as Jillellamudi AMMA, she is regarded by millions of her devotees spread across the globe as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, the supreme deity, Raja Rajeswari Devi.

Since the Mother’s early childhood, her life was marked by a series of miracles and anecdotes reinforcing the belief in HER arrival on to this earth to bless the mankind in the form of MOTHER – The Giver. Yet, AMMA declared herself as the MOTHER OF ALL, that is, exists, this entire living order and the total existence.

AMMA’S (Mother) divine descent into this world is slated on the 28th day of March, 1923, in the tiny village of Mannava, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, South India.

Her childhood was filled with various episodes and experiences which made the people around her realize her Avatar and they started looking at her as the divine incarnation. The word spread in the contiguous villages of Mannava.

She was married to Sri Nageswara Rao, the Village head of Jillellamudi in the year 1936 and lived as a seemingly ordinary housewife until 1956 when the flow of devotees who realized her Avatar, the divine manifestation, started arriving at Jillellamudi in growing numbers.

As the movement of people increased with the development of infrastructure, HER presence came to be known widely across the length and breadth of India and abroad. Devotees started their journey to Jillellamudi from across the Globe.

AMMA herself cooked the food and served to the devotees in the initial days when a few people were reaching her. She would offer them accommodation, food and discuss with them various philosophical, spiritual and other mundane matters. As the flow of devotees increased, AMMA dedicated ANNAPURNALAYAM on the 15th August 1958 to prepare food for the devotees seeking her. Here food is served to the devotee children of AMMA at all times, with little distinction of gender, clan, caste, creed, race, region or religion.

And to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims to Jillellamudi, AMMA set up ANDARILLU, meaning the ‘House of All’, verily a sort of universal dwelling where the devotee children of AMMA coming from all over the world could stay together in peaceful coexistence. This is the unique legacy of AMMA for the entire mankind, where individuals from diverse backgrounds shall stay; live together in complete harmony without any distinctions of gender, caste, clan, creed, region, race or religion.

The ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ is adjacent to the Annapurnalayam, which serves food to all signifying the importance, and the priority AMMA gave to feeding her children. The Devotees are being served food since then round the clock freely. The intrinsic concept being that the MOTHER shall feed and care for the children with little expectation.  Thus the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ and ‘ANNAPOORNALAYAM’ are the basic props of Jillellamudi living that feed and shelter AMMA’S children for all times. These two form the unique legacy of AMMA.

AMMA had also made arrangements for education up to the degree level in Sanskrit and Telugu through the Matrusri Vidya Parishat; also for medical aid, and care through the Matrusri Medical Center. These objectives are being addressed ceaselessly serving more and more of AMMA’S children reaching and staying at Jillellamudi, as also those close and nearby within reach.

These are the adjuncts of the Sree Viswajananee Parishat, the multifarious service organization graced by AMMA for the service of mankind and life in general. The gamut of service activities being pursued by the Parishat include education, medical aid, old age care, rural development, social betterment, disaster relief, feeding the needy and the deprived and so on. The spectrum of the service activities includes spiritual, devotional, social aspects, addressing universal welfare at large.

The Parishat strives to serve the values of Sanathana Dharma too, through the medium of AMMA and her message. In the pursuit of this lofty cause of AMMA, other service activities get added in the wake of time in response to the emerging needs of life.

AMMA declared that her life and living are but the true messages and there is not much meant in mere verbal precepts. Even so AMMA’S aphorisms sound the unfathomed depths of the wisdom of our ancients. They expound the nuances of Sanathana Dharma and our antique Vedic lore in simple, brief diction, easy to understand. Even so they contain unfathomed profundity of thought that is widely applicable and universally true in content.

AMMA declared that after she attains eternity the Sree Viswajananee Parishat shall be deemed the mother and served accordingly. Our ceaseless endeavor is to translate AMMA’S message into a living reality for one and all for all times. Our relentless effort is to actualize AMMA’S motherly love and care in to a vibrant, living, dynamic reality that is felt and savored by mankind.

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