Amma’s Family

Amma's Family

Nanna Garu, Kanakamma Bamma Garu, Jillellamudi AMMA

Ravindra Rao, Hymavathi Devi, Subba Rao

Sri Subba Rao and Smt Kanaka Durga are the parents of Sri Nageswara Rao, known as Nanna Garu. Sri Seethapathi garu and Smt Rangamma garu are the parents of Smt Anasuya Devi, affectionately called by her devotees as AMMA.

AMMA was married to Nanna garu on 05th May, 1936 and they had two sons and one daughter. Sri Subba Rao (elder son), Kumari Hymavathi (daughter) and Sri Ravindra Rao (younger son).

Sri Subba Rao used to take care of SVJP activities and Sri Ravindra Rao was a banker.

Kumari Hymavathi, popularly known as Hyma akkayya was given divinity by mother and is being worshipped by her devotees. Hyma akkayya was cremated by AMMA and she declared that the place would be called as Hymalayam and devotees may Pray to her and Hyma akkayya will give them all that they wish.

Sri Brahmandam Nageswararao garu (Nanna Garu) was born on Wednesday, Aswayuja Bahula Saptami as per Telugu Calendar. Pramadi Nama Samvatsaram, 04:30 AM at Mannava village in Guntur District. *Eldest son of Amma’s aunt (Menatha) Kanakamma (Bamma Garu). He was married to AMMA (aged 13 years) on 05th May 1936 in Bapatla. Read more …

Hyma, Amma’s daughter who was an embodiment of compassion; almost an exile from a far higher realm, like so many other divine personages broke the earthly bond in her very youth. Hyma consumed herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her constant prayer to Amma was “Take me back into Thyself”. Read more …

Brahmandam Subba Rao

Brahmandam Ravindra Rao

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