SELF – REALIZED saints are rare. But rarer still are those who are perfect even at their birth. The holy Mother of Jillellamudi is one such and for that very reason, people consider her to be the incarnation of the Universal Mother, Goddess Rajarajeswari. Amma’s life history brings us the miraculous events that have happened since her birth and leave us in amazement.

Who is AMMA?

AMMA means the MOTHER in Telugu. MOTHER means the beginning. Mother is the source of ALL. She is also the cause of all. AMMA is named Anasuya Devi by her parents in the normal course. Devotees call her as AMMA. Popularly known as Jillellamudi AMMA, she is regarded by millions of her devotees spread across the globe as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, the supreme deity, Raja Rajeswari Devi. Read more …


AMMA was born on 28th March 1923 at Mannava, a small village in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, to a pious couple late Seethapathi Rao, the Village Officer of Mannava and his wife Rangamma. Seethapathi and Rangamma lived in perfect harmony and devotion but what had weighed heavily in their hearts was the loss of as many as five children. A few months before Rangamma was again pregnant, Seethapathi had a dream in which he saw a middle-aged woman of great beauty seated in a chair in the middle of his house. Read more …


When Anasuya was completing her second year, she once sat under a pomegranate tree in “padmasana” (Lotus Posture) and attained a transcendental state of meditation, with her eyes half closed. Every one mistook it as a fit of epilepsy and not noticing the ‘Yogasana’ she had assumed. She returned to her normal consciousness in an hour. On yet another occasion, she was seen sitting in a strange posture with her breath suspended. Read more …


On 5th May 1936, Amma’s wedding took place at Bapatla with Brahmandam Nageswara Rao who became later the village officer of Jillellamudi. When one of the few people who recognized her perfection and divinity asked her why she needs to get married, she told him that it was only to show that marriage need not be feared as an obstacle to one’s spiritual progress. It is also to set an example of an ideal housewife by practice that she has married – to be able to look upon one’s life partner as the embodiment of the Lord. Read more …

AMMA - Family

Sri Subba Rao and Smt Kanaka Durga are the parents of Sri Nageswara Rao, known as Nanna Garu. Sri Seethapathi garu and Smt Rangamma garu are the parents of Smt Anasuya Devi, affectionately called by her devotees as AMMA.

AMMA was married to Nanna garu on 05th May, 1936 and they had two sons and one daughter. Sri Subba Rao (elder son), Kumari Hymavathi (daughter) and Sri Ravindra Rao (younger son).

Sri Subba Rao used to take care of SVJP activities and Sri Ravindra Rao was a banker.

Kumari Hymavathi, popularly known as Hyma akkayya was given divinity by mother and is being worshipped by her devotees. Hyma akkayya was cremated by AMMA and she declared that the place would be called as Hymalayam and devotees may Pray to her and Hyma akkayya will give them all that they wish.

Universal Motherhood

At Mannava village, an illiterate rustic Papaiah who was a devotee of the village deity Potharaju was blessed with visions of his Lord when he came across Amma. One day in early hours, Papaiah sees Amma sitting in a field adjoining the village, her lap full of creatures ranging from snakes, mongooses to frogs. Several kinds of insects like grasshoppers, winged white ants and ants crawl all over her body. While he was still aghast, he sees many kinds of birds, including parrots, doves, and owls flying low around Amma’s head in reverent perambulation. Read more …


Sri Annamraju Ramakrishna Rao had initiation of a mantra from Sri Poornananda swami of SriSailam. Swamiji told him he could see God after a repetition of Akshara Laksha (as many lakhs as there are letters). Sri Annamraju Ramakrishna Rao did so and on the day he had finished he was called by Mother and he found his God. Later, Sri Swamiji too visited Amma, sat silently for two hours before her and declared “The motherless Siva at last found his Mother”Read more …


Sri Racharla Lakshminarayana and his wife Kamala are devotees of Mother. While they were in Old Guntur the chariot of Lord Venugopalaswamy came and Kamala wanted to offer a coconut. Racharla Lakshminarayana said it was to be taken to Jillellamudi. Kamala said all forms were of Mother and offered the fruit. The next day, when they went to Jillellamudi, Mother not only referred to the incident, but also repeated the entire conversation. Read more …

Supreme Power

Sri Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy and his brother were both blind by birth, but both were proficient in music. Searching for God, they came to Jillellamudi. When Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy and his brother first came to Jillellamudi, they were skeptic. They heard of Amma’s compassionate patience and tested her in crude ways, even beating her on the thigh with their fists on the pretext of following the rhythm (Taala). Amma tolerated their tantrums and won over their hearts. Read more …

Sovereignty over five elements

Once Mother (Amma) while cooking, perhaps thinking she had the cudgel, put her hand in the boiling soup and was stirring it. Strangely, the skin was not affected. On another occasion, Amma accidentally fell in a well and was under water for 3 days before she was brought out. Several such instances stand testimony to her sovereignty over the Five elements. Read more …


Dr Potluri Venata Subba Rao a devotee used to do vigorous exercises. He had a strong appetite and would consume large quantities of food. One day his wife made 25 poories (wheat pancakes) and kept them in a box. But at lunchtime, there were only 5 in the box. Naturally, they took their children to task.The next day, when they went to Mother she was very cross and told them that she took them. They did not believe her and said she was merely protecting the children. Read more …

On Life

Everyone is child to HER be he be a saint or sinner. AMMA proclaimed that SHE does not have a catalog of right and wrong to grade HER children. Amma’s quotes reflect her deep and mysterious philosophy and are extrememly thought provoking.

“She who has no birth or death, and yet is the cause of all births and deaths, is Mother.”


“You were all born of me, and I gave you to your mothers to bring up.”


“Blessing is always there. Your successes, failures, all or owing to Blessing only.”


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